A commercial powerhouse

Turning entrepreneurial passion into successful businesses

Longest Straw is a growth accelerator enabling your company to:

  • Explore, validate, & unlock impactful inventions
  • Develop & execute strategies for real impact
  • Establish key partnerships & drive commercial success

Together, we bring revolutionary ideas to life.

Our Services

We help your company navigate the challenges and complexities of developing clear commercial strategies and executing them effectively.

Market Navigation

Help you find the most attractive segments, customers, and markets.

Product Fit

Ensure your product meets market demands and needs.

Strategic Direction

Where, why, and how should your business move forward?

Relationship Building

Support you in identifying and strengthening valuable partnerships.

Effective Sales

Develop and execute a sales strategy that works.

Capital Raising

Enable you to convince investors to support your vision.

Our Methods

We help our clients on their journey to commercial success in a variety of ways.


Inspiration and invaluable insights fueled by real-life expertise.
I offer you innovative testing and prioritization methods that fast-track market validation propelling your business forward in today’s competitive landscape.


Out-side-in perspective and hands-on support on your commercial journey.

From ideation to commercialization, I offer expert support on market analysis, product validation, commercialization strategy roll-out, partnership validation and much more.


Proactive and hands-on leadership when you need it most.

I ensure smooth operations, tackle challenges head-on and steer your organisation through transitional phases. Backed by extensive experience, I bring stability, professionalism and effective decision-making.


Strategic insights and expertise guidance for your executive team.

My objective perspective allows me to identify areas for improvement, navigate challenges and offer innovative solutions for your continuous growth.




Dare to do better


With 15+ years of hands-on B2B experience, I excel in business development, commercial execution, and venture building.


I bring a unique perspective that combines insider know-how with an outsider’s fresh input.


I have a track record working with industry leaders such as; Novozymes, LEGO, L’Oréal and Henkel.


My partners benefit from my unique insight and edge from my experience across multiple industries including; biotech, beauty & personal care, food & beverages and construction.


My track record is a testement to my ability to consistently deliver above expectations, fueled by a strategic mindset, relentless drive, and no-nonsense working style.




The world is full of revolutionary inventions that deserve to be discovered. Passionate and science-driven entrepreneurs work every day to develop new solutions for a changing world.


But too many talents and inventions are challenged the moment the invention transfers to the market.


They miss out on customers, investment, and growth.


Longest Straw helps science and technology companies obtain the most attractive customers and closest partners. 


Together, we challenge assumptions on pricing, sustainability, and customer preferences to understand the market. And we deliver a sales strategy and plan for execution.


Together, we bring revolutionary ideas to life.


We are your partner to


We explore, validate, and recommend new opportunities based on your strategy, for you to make informed and effective decision-making.


We empower your venture with a fresh perspective and real-life tested methods for accelerated progress.


We excel at driving business development and commercialization that transform entrepreneurial passion into successful businesses.

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